Yesterday it was announced that ‘selfie’ has been named as word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries, and sure why not commemorate the occasion with a selfie:

While it is considered by some to be one of the truest forms of vanity, it is true that, as humans we are certainly quite vain. We wouldn’t leave the house in the morning without spending a few minutes in front of the mirror, whether it is styling hair, covering blemishes, exaggerating cheekbones, extending eyelashes, blusher, lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, lipstick, gel, wax, polish. Extend this and highlight that. Or go full-on Barbie or Ken. Then there’s the photo to show it off (not forgetting pouting/duck-face).

There are extremes to all things; No one is “God’s gift” and indeed, think like that and you should be shot down, but everyone should be proud of who they are and how they look. And in this age of profiles, avatars and countless online photo albums, we all like a some good photos of ourselves. of course some people’s idea of a good image of themselves is certainly questionable, the “selfie” is not something to be ashamed of.

It took a while, but I’ve certainly become partial to taking the odd photo of myself. Whether it’s due to living on my own and enjoying sharing my life with a number of people who I rarely see (more on that another day), or that I have grown more confident in my own self-image (I’m sure I’ll get around to writing about that too), but I accept that self-portraiture as no bad thing – it is not new. Technology today may have led to an influx of self-portraits, and the English language brought us to shortening words – making them fun – this is a great thing, and the way that it is changing us is wonderful, and to be embraced. Embrace it or be left behind. Be creative. Accept these things and enjoy them for what they are. Take a photograph of yourself. Embrace technology. Embrace the modern world. Enjoy the word. Just don’t go overboard, yeah.

Song Lyrics: Alice Temple – Undone

A song that I like.
If I can get back to posting regularly, I will post the lyrics of a song I really like.

Alice Temple – Undone

Watch me fall from grace,
Disappear with no trace,
As I try to erase you.

Feel the pain and watch me bleed,
Surely this is not what I need.

Shut out everyone,
and watch me run.
Lay me under the sun
So cold I have become
Now that I have been undone

It is me you ignore
As you shut the door
I don’t deserve this pain anymore.

I know that I’m worth so much more
Than what I give credit for
It is me I need to adore.

Watch me fall from grace,
Disappear with no trace,
As I try to erase you.

Feel the pain and watch me bleed,
Surely this is not what I need.

No-Vember? Seriously, Don’t Do That

November, once simply the Thursday of the year, is now just an excuse for self-important attention-seeking knobs to be well, more knobbish than usual. Posting selfies on their social network pages to update us all on how well they can grow facial hair, as if to prove that they made it past puberty and are now real men. Or maybe they just attention-seeking dicks.

Rather than quiet altruism, giving to charity has become a self-congratulating act: ‘Look at me! Look at this growth on my upper lip! I’m doing it for charity! Now give me money!’

Just no. Stop that.

“Oh but it raises awareness,” they say. Yes, I’m very aware, now do away with the fluff and just give some money to charity. Not everyone needs to know about it. If you cared more about giving to charity you would do so any other month of the year and not feel the need to tell everyone that you’re doing so, whilst unashamedly contorting to self-promotion and asking strangers to give you money so that you feel better about yourself.

So enjoy your mustache, or ‘mo’ as you will call it now, but know that everyone thinks you look like a dick and you appear to be showing us pictures of your face more than you’re telling us how much or how little you’ve raised for charity. You deserve a gold star. It will be awarded to you in heaven. Or perhaps do something that requires a little effort.

But maybe I’m just bitter because I can’t grow proper facial hair…

You’re ALL Friends of Dorothy

In stark contrast to disliking dressing up and generally being pretty bad at it, or outright refushing, this year I went all out.

Bringing it around to my disdain for much of what society deems worthy fashion for set genders, I didn’t want to be a pirate, a ninja, zombie, prisoner, priest, vampire, prisoner, doctor, etc., so I went for the much wider ranging ‘women’s’ section of the online fancy dress shop. Of course, Dorothy is almost synonymous with the LGBT community, for largely unknown reasons, but I got to wear a dress and stockings. In saying that, I won’t rush to wear a bra again.

Spirit Day — Stop Bullying

Since 2010 Spirit Day was formed as a show of support for young LGBT people who are victims of support, by wearing purple, or turning a photograph a distinct purple hue. Having experienced bullying I support anyone who faces bullying for their sexuality, or perceived sexuality.
Today I’m wearing a purple t-shirt and purple underwear.

While it is much easier today to be ‘out’ as LGBT, there are still many young people who don’t have it so easy. It is important to show support for victims, those who feel helpless and cannot be open as themselves.

For more on #SpiritDay see .
Scott has a good piece on this on Elie