time is sliping away

Having all of last week away from the horrid office workplace environment, I had to go back. I remember back in both primary and secondary school wishing that time would go so much faster. Now that there is no more school there just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the things I want to do.

I spent much of my week attempting to ‘get my life on track’ and be like those extremely organised people – by organising my bookmarks, firefox extensions, feed subscriptions and reading a few productivity websites such as the incredible Lifehacker, Lifehack. These sites always gets me motivated to start organising my normally very disorganised computer/hard drive/file system.

This problem stems from the fact that I have a few too many interests. Of course, having lots of interests isn’t a bad thing, it’s just finding the time to pursue each one that causes the problem. Photography, music, science, psychology, business, travel, chichés, programming, books, movies, travel, the internet, journalism, philosophy, procrastination, media, finance, environment, google, podcasts, technology, health, scrubs, greys anatomy, house, weeds, heroes etc etc.

Prioritise you say? That I try. It appears as though the only thing I truly desire right now is time itself, and so I have made it my goal, to manage better that which I have been given.

One thought on “time is sliping away

  1. I like the photo and how the dried leaf landed on the meter.


    We all need more time but its slipping away so fast that sometimes we don’t have the ability to run after it.


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