The Secret Garden

Saturday, still on a high from the night before (and a little hungover) I met with Kate for a short walk around Trinity until I declared my need for coffee and triple chocolate muffin (breakfast).

kate southall

Replacing horseshoe at St Stephen’s Green

st anne's church dublin
St Anne’s Church, Dawson Street

Later we went to the Secret Garden, commonly known as – but not commonly known – Iveagh Gardens. It was Designed in 1865 by Ninian Niven and owned by Edward Guinness, Earl of Iveagh and Great-Grandson to Arthur Guinness. Edward gave the it to the newly opened University College Dublin in 1908.

I had never heard of it until shortly before, and although there isn’t much to see, it is a beautiful patch of grass, a waterfall, as well as a couple of water features. I’ll definitely be going back to lie on the grass with a cold iced coffee.


That was a good day. A great 24hrs in all.

11 thoughts on “The Secret Garden

  1. Yikes, there I am again! I may actually prefer this photo – could you possibly e-mail me a copy?! Also, really like the St Annes Church pic

  2. …hold on, your question was ‘hope you don’t mind’. i was right the first time: of course i don’t mind.

    That took too long. It’s Thursday…

  3. Hey Phil,

    I really like the photo of St Ann’s. I sing with a choir called New Dublin Voices and am putting together facebook invites for our upcoming tour of Dublin suburban churches. Rather than using our poster image for each event (and making them all look the same…), I’m seeking out images of the churches. I’m using yours for the St Ann’s gig, if that’s okay :-) I’ll include a link to your blog.

    All the best,


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