The Liberties Photo Walk (and IWA09)

Admittedly it took a couple of days to recover from the incredible Irish Web Awards on Saturday evening. Simply because Damien knows how to get a bunch of people of similar interest in a room, give out some awards and let everyone have a good time. It always works. This one was no different. I also kept my camera in its bag the entire evening, not bothering to carry it around with me, potentially dropping it/having embarrassing photos to look at the next day etc. It was just easier, and worked well.

As usual the event was a great success, not too many embarrassing photos have been revealed yet (well for me at least). However, I do think I should come up with a better story for what I do and why, I will make up something elaborate for those awkward conversations with SEO-types. And I also need good lines to get out of conversations with people I don’t want to talk to. Business people must know how to do this, right? Though I think I could be a little too hard on some people at times.

Anyway, the photo walk. Thanks to Kate, Darren, Rory, Jennifer and Shauneen (who turned up when we were done!) for joining me, I totally loved it. Yes, my aim of these photo walks, as I’ve come to realise, is to see lots of Dublin, in fact, it’s my aim every time I’m there, and it seems to happen, whether planned or not. Often plans get scrapped at the last minute, taking me to some other part of the city, for something so much better.

Having watched a Documentary on The Liberties area of Dublin I just had to see it for myself. I did, and really enjoyed it, particularly the Liberty Market on Meath Street; the sellers were friendly, and, although a little surprised, were all pleasantly accommodating when I asked them for a photograph; all of these shots were taken with my film SLR so unfortunately none to put here yet.

Here are a few photographs I took from the day:

guinness storehouse

7 thoughts on “The Liberties Photo Walk (and IWA09)

  1. Wonderful images of a magical place. You have a great eye for the unusual. Is there anything better than life through a viewfinder? Probably, but you get my drift.
    Iron Mountain Movies

  2. Thanks for the comments folks.

    @Kate – Me too – Developed the negatives so far and they seem to be ok. Hopefully get a few prints done tomorrow, though maybe not those ones until next week or so.


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