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Blogging is no longer seen as a “thing nerds do”, but a way for anybody and everybody to have a voice, and in some cases, that voice can be very important and in powerful, such as when speech and liberties are limited. But for the rest of us, creating and sharing content is important. A blog allows for that.

This will be the 5th Irish Blog Awards event as organised by Damien Mulley and a small team of helpers, taking place on 27th March in the Radisson Hotel Galway.

The very long longlist, and slightly shorter shortlist have been announced, with finalists to be released possibly this Friday.

Irish blogging has had it rough lately, with pieces in the Sunday Times, Forbes and a number of blogs — but not that it matters, as is clearly evident from the previous events and my own post on the matter, those who attend the awards are there for the camaraderie, meeting people – and the alcohol.

Blogs have an important place that microblogging can’t replace, let alone the fact that everyone should be encouraged to share information with others in this archived, customisable, platform. Its the naysayers, and those ignorant of technology who dismiss it.

For those planning to attend, there is still time to book a place at the hotel [details and discount], and think about which of the events surrounding the main “ceremony” you want to attend. If you have a camera why not come to the photo walk. For the ladies, the Ladies’ Tea Party. Eolai will also be having an exhibition of his paintings in the hotel. Don’t forget to register to attend if you are going.

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So, all that’s left to say now is congrats to those nominated so far (and thanks to anyone who nominated/voted for me!), and hopefully we’ll catch up on the day/night.

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