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DART Dublin

It isn’t the first time in the last few months that I’ve left my phone behind. It also isn’t the first time technology helped me retrieve it. Back in January I left my phone in a taxi. I called Darren on Skype and he called my phone and requested that he return my phone to me.

This afternoon while on my way from Greystones to Dublin I managed to leave my phone on the DART: On the journey I had it plugged in while I read the Observer magazine from two days earlier. The train pulled up to Connolly while I was still reading so I hurriedly put the magazine in my bag, unplugged my phone, put my iPod in my pocket and got off the train. As is usually the case when I get off a train/plane/automobile, I patted my pockets in search of all my things, including of course, my phone. It wasn’t there. I quickly ran back to the carriage I got off, walked at pace to where I was seated and asked the woman sitting in my seat if there had been a phone there before she sat down. She told me that there hadn’t. And so, rather than lift her off her seat and inspect the area currently taken up by her backside, I accepted her answer and found a space near the door to rummage through my bag and pockets again.

No doubt I looked like a crazy person as I knelt on the floor of the train heading toward Clontarf Road — an utterly foreign place to me and taking me further from the place I had to be — with less than €1 to my name and a return bus ticket to Belfast in my pocket. I got off at Clontarf Road, crossed the bridge to the northward platform and waited 3mins for the next train to Connelly Station. The time is 12.40pm and I have to get the 1pm bus home.

I made it on time.

Thankfully I had my iPod Touch, and eventually I was able to get into a wifi network offered at the Busáras. Despite having only 4 mins until the bus was to leave I managed to get the message across to Darren who got in contact with the girl who found my phone. It was then arranged that she would leave it at Pearse St Station for Anto to pick up later in the evening. I was already on the bus and had to to be somewhere that evening.



The journey home was almost an hour longer than usual. It was snowing and cold.
All I wanted was a cry and a hug.

Find My iPhone

While I knew Anto was going to pick up the phone from Pearse St Station, Find My iPhone app gave me some piece of mind that it was there. If the person who found it hadn’t been so good-natured I would have hit the ‘Remote Wipe’ button. Thankfully it is now in the safe hands of a friend.

This is the reason I love my iPhone, and why I still have my backup iPod Touch.
This is why I love iMessage, my smartphone, technology and my friends.
I do count myself very lucky sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Find My iPhone

  1. You are a lucky man, Phil ;)

    I totally agree re technology tho… I am a child of the digital age. I’d have been lost if born anytime before now ^_^


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