Dublin on Christmas Eve

Spending Christmas in Dublin I took in the seasonal spirit and general atmosphere in the city centre on the eve of the day of Christmas: Monday 24th December 2012. Grafton Street was crazy, the shopping centres were terribly busy, Henry Street was filled with shoppers. Generally, it was brilliant. Having all the time in the world and all we had to purchase were champagne flutes, strawberries, vegetables, tortilla crisps, beer and wine.

I had a fantastic Christmas Eve. Dublin Does it well. The weather was a little weird though. Blue skies and just a little chilly. This time two years ago it was 26°C colder than this year!

Christmas Tree at Smithfield

Powerscourt Shopping Centre

Powerscourt Shopping Centre

Darren in Powerscourt Shopping Centre

Grafton Street

Grafton Street

Darren on Grafton Street

Sexy Sax Guy, he is not

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