One Year Since Graduation

July 4th will be a day I’ll remember for a number of reasons: primarily the day I graduated. This day one year ago I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography from University of Ulster. It was bitter sweet, to say the least. I got my certificate (it’s currently still in an envelope, in a box amongst some books, back in Belfast), got some photographs, had a couple of glasses of wine, spent the day with someone who made me happy, met some friends for a pint or two, and had an early night. It was also the beginning of the end in many ways…

Me. Graduated

The past year has been very difficult and traumatic at times, but, as a friend said today: “Here’s to a year since graduation. What a f*cking year but look where we are now xx”.
And she’s right! It’s only just started, but look where I am now.

Tory and me a few weeks ago

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