sleeping is
an interesting thing,
in that it becomes an
entirely different event
when done with someone
you love.

alone, it is routine,
a mindless necessity,
like using the bathroom, or
starting your car.

you lay there and try to get
comfortable, and drift off,
and eventually, wake up and
continue on with your life.

but with a lover, it is all
daily life becomes this void,
this dully, disappointing filler
between the hours in which
you can lay together again,
curled up in
silent serenity.

you take a slow,
deep breath, and gaze
upon your lover’s eyelids,
trying to imagine everything
that could be happening
behind them,
until you part ways
and reunite in a dream.


show me things

Show me things I don’t or won’t understand, things that will be strange to me. Beautiful things that make me want to be better and horrible things that that I can’t watch, things that make me want to be worse than I already am.

Show me your thoughts and my own, and show me your expression as you watch me compare the two.

Show me things so that I can think about them and associate them with other things.

Show me a pencil to write that down with.

Show me things that don’t make sense, that don’t exist but show them to me anyway because if I can think about it, it must be.

Show me how to fix parts of me that are broken, whether its my head, my heart or my knees.

Show me how to care less so I can care more for more important things.

Show me how to take my own amazing advice.

Show me the hybrid creation of the mixed DNA of Lord Voldemort, Miss Trunchbull and the Wicked witch of the West and let me keep it in a box.

Show me where more ends.

Show me how to be smart so I can use that smartness to convince other people of my own obvious intelligence.

Show me how to re-find places where I felt safe.

Show me how to forget the things that haunt me.

Show me a spider that actually wants to come and get me.

Show me why I just cant get over it.

Show me a montage of all my stupidest moments and make me watch it over and over… will I learn anything?

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