To Whom It May Concern, Bring Back Rick

RTÉ have commited an injustice, by cutting out the good stuff from Rick O’Shea and Nikki Hayes radio shows on 2FM. The music they play is generally awful, but the “banter” and laughs, general chat and entertainment from Rick’s show have me listening, whenever I have the opportunity.

Rick is a blogger, Irish Blog and Web Awards MC extraordinary and awesome guy – but now RTÉ feel that it’s in the interest of their listening audience to cut back on Rick’s personality from the show – such a wrong idea. Especially when he has the whole of the blogging community on his side!

A Facebook group has been set up in protest, currently with 332 members, and today many of those members sent an email to to complain about the recent changes; where Rick and Nikki have effectively been told to shut up; to leave out the idle popculture chat between songs, instead to only mention the names of the songs being played.

It is only though Rick’s audience interaction (and tweeting) during the show, drawing in participation from listeners online, that I ever listened to the show in the first place. We need intelligent remarks and a feed of information from smart and witty presenters like Rick in society, otherwise, the radio is unnecessary background noise to that does nothing to help anyone get through the day with the complete tripe played.

Here is the reply email I got about 30mins after sending the email:

Dear Phil,
Thank you for your e-mail.
Your comments in relation to the changed format of the Rick O’Shea show will be included in our Audience Log of calls and e-mails, which is circulated for information to senior management in RTÉ Radio and is reviewed at the weekly meeting of the Editorial Boards.
Your e-mail is also being brought to the attention of the Head of RTÉ 2fm.
Thank you again for taking the time to make your views known to us, we very much welcome all feedback on our programmes and services.

With best regards
Nina Ward
RTÉ Information Officer

Unfortunately I have not listened to Nikki’s show, so cannot comment – but if it means less of the same old shit on repeat then I’m all for it.

Rick opening the envelope with all the nice complaint letters passed on from the RTÉ offices.

Alan has a list of all those who contributed (and blogged about it).