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I’ve been trying to start writing again for a few years now, but the final straw was when Vicky said she will start blogging when I do. And so here it is: my first blog post in two years. Through writing quite a lot over the years I hope my style has developed and matured. Blogging today is much different from when I started — back in the beginning I may have apologised for not writing for so long and debriefed my ‘readers’ on the events of the past few weeks.

In this case it’s been a few years and a lot has happened. So I’ll just jump right into it.
In the last week or so I’ve got photo processing and editing software in place, and worked out how to manage my images – and plenty of backups in place – backups and data loss has caused me a lot of pain in the last few months.

Consider this Chapter 2 (or 3 or 4). A fresh start with new ideas and perspectives. Born out of an absolute need for an outlet for various thoughts – and photographs. I want this to be a ‘journal’ of sorts. A cross between ‘lifestyle’ blog and ‘personal’ blog – touching primarily art, technology and politics – areas of life currently being experienced, and past experiences; following the next major life milestones.

Regular but not that often, with goals and objectives – and word count restraints. Time is limited, but the aim is to have a regular outlet for thoughts, ideas and photographs. More soon.

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