The Donald Trump Movement of Misinformation and Racism Must Not Be Our Future


To begin, I think Donald Trump and his ‘movement’ is one of the worst things to happen to the United States and the rest of the world. Like many of us, I’m scared, and it’s not an exaggeration. This man is a joke and a disaster and unfortunately the joke became a reality. Despite this, he gathered a large number of supporters throughout the world. To support Donald Trump is racist and ignorant.

I’ve recently concluded that the majority of Trump’s supporters do not look at all the facts in an objective and critical manner. In fact, they care so little about the facts and are simply willing to lap up his unintelligible rhetoric. Not caring about facts is literally the right-wing mantra of today, while the rest of us look at each other asking, “What the fuck is going on?!” Very little of what he says is true. This is a combination of not caring about the facts and ignoring them. Or, as has happened on a number of occasions, he will tell us after the fact that he was being sarcastic!

It’s difficult to continually preach to the converted. Those who should be listening choose to ignore. The active choice to ignore facts, or to employ simple critical thinking, is difficult to handle and I know some people who do this. I ask why, but there are no direct answers. “He’s going to make America great, build a wall and create jobs.” But can anyone tell me how?

Trump relies so heavily on footnotes, false starts, and flights of association, and because his digressions rarely hook back up with the main thought, the emotional terms take on added power. They become rays of clarity in an incoherent verbal miasma. — Slate, The Accidental Brilliance of Trump’s Speaking Style.

The Donald on the other hand is a polar opposite and it makes me angry that barely a week past during this long — very long — election campaign he said or did something completely incomprehensible, offensive and stupid. Often lapped up by his supporters; small but loyal and vocal. In fact much of his Instagram and Twitter following is largely bots, automatically posting Pepe memes and #crookedhillary take-downs. What many fail to recognise is that Trump is not a successful businessman: his companies have been declared bankrupt more than four times and when your supposed business acumen is what you hope to use to win over the public this should be seen as a bigger deal. Like a typical scam artist he had a fake university, a terrible ghost-written self-help book, airlines have failed, vodka failed, casinos and hotels failed, magazine, steaks, mortgages, among others. In researching, I’ve found he also attempted a vitamin pyramid scheme — just like the one John Oliver warns against this week.


And that’s not even getting into all that makes Trump a horrible human being. I would think long and hard before being closely tied with anyone who made excuses for his behaviour and supported his beliefs. Where to even begin? He has insulted a barage of people and nations, been accused of sexual mis-conduct too many times, He is a liar and brought out a dangrous

“I’ll tell you what you can help me with. When you’re talking about a self-confessed serial sex pest, who’s been bankrupted four times, insults the memory of dead soldiers and the memory of prisoners of war have stood as presidential candidates for their own party, mocks disabled people, describes Mexicans as rapists, immigrants as murderers and thinks that Apartheid should in some sense be reintroduced for all Muslims.” — James O’Brien of LBC Radio

The list goes on.
Here’s a list.

What is happening here is scary. A Trump win now would bring with it a destructive increases in systemic misogyny, racism and homophobia that would set society back many more years than any of us should be comfortable with.

The day is today. Hopefully we can keep moving forward.
Good luck.

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